Vanuatu Situation Report #89 Issued 4 April - Covering 3-4 April 2022


  • On 04 March 2022, an active COVID-19 case was confirmed at Vila Central Hospital who had no travel history, indicating transmission at community level.
  • On 07 March 2022, Efate and Offshore Islands moved to Alert Level 3: Very High, due to large-scale community transmission. All provinces of Vanuatu are on Alert Level 3 given reports of cases or movement of contacts of cases in the six provinces of Vanuatu.
  • A total of 4527 confirmed cases have been reported since the beginning of 2022.
  • 87 new confirmed cases have been reported in the last 24 hours, including 23 on Efate island (Shefa province) and 64 on Santo island (Sanma province). Number of tests conducted has decreased over the reporting period explaining the decrease of cases over the same period.
  • One case was identified among cargo ship crew by teams in Tafea province however the case is considered a border case as it was not locally-acquired in Tafea province. The case has returned to Port Vila on a cargo ship and testing teams are in quarantine
  • One new death has been reported that occurred on 2 April 2022