Confirmation of 3 new COVID-19 active Cases at the Border

24 February 2022

The Ministry of Health confirmed three (3) new active cases of COVID-19 and one other under investigation. This brings the number of border COVID-19 cases to 11.

All new cases are front-liner workers. All cases had been in precautionary quarantine since they started being infectious, and this has reduced the risk of transmission to the community.

Precautionary quarantine is a measure introduced by the Ministry of Health in 2022 where front-line workers go into quarantine until all passengers on inbound flights receive negative test results. All front line staff are also routinely tested.

Case investigation and contact tracing for these new cases started immediately upon detection, on 23 February 2022. All identified close contacts were already in precautionary quarantine. Further investigations are ongoing to identify the source of infection of these cases. The three cases have received their full doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. All cases are currently in hotel isolation and will remain until they are fully cleared by the health team.

To lower the risk of community transmission and outbreak, the Health Emergency Advisory Community (HEAC) has approved for:

  • Temporary restriction of all international in-bound travels through air and seaport as of the 25th of February 2022.
  • Temporary restriction of out-bound domestic travel by air and sea from Efate as of the 25th of February 2022.
  • Vaccination sites to continue normal operations.
  • Increased policing or security for all precautionary quarantine facilities.

With all active cases in quarantine and no evidence of community transmission, Efate and its offshore islands remain at alert Level 1. Other parts of Vanuatu to also remain at alert level 0.

Without cases in the community, social public events and gatherings including school activities should continue as usual. However, everyone is encouraged to continue practicing good hygiene measures such as frequent washing of hands, avoid touching of eye, nose or mouth etc.

People who have not yet received their COVID-19 vaccination are strongly encouraged to come forward for their vaccination. Additionally, eligible population who have received their second or full dose of a COVID-19 vaccine 5 months ago must come forward for their booster doses. Vaccination can help to reduce severe illness, hospitalization and death from COVID- 19.

All respectful leaders and Citizens of Vanuatu are urged to avoid spreading of rumors or misinformation. Everyone is encouraged to seek information from official sources only. Please see the Ministry of Health website at or the Health Promotions Vanuatu Facebook page or dial the 119 Health Information Hotline.